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I know I just did one of these but idc lol I love this boy with all my heart I can’t wait to be jami Laine Myers cause he is my future my world… Just my everything<3 I love you bug and can’t wait to be married to you :*

This boy right here… I don’t know how he doesn’t hate me with a living passion… I cancel plans, I push things back but if really hope he knows I love him with all my heart and even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it I would walk to the ends of the earth and back just for him! I love you Dylan and I’m sorry I haven’t been the best girlfriend but I can’t wait to go golfing and to hang out I love you bug❤️😘 and I’m sorry… I don’t expect this to make things better.. I need to do that myself but again I love you! @dylanjosephhhh #iloveyou #imsorry #foreverandalways

Happy 9 months baby! Things are rough but like I’ve said tonight I am going no where. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you, I love you Dylan and thank you for everything you have done for me you are the best boyfriend any girl can ask for! I will always be here for you. Through thick and thin bug! Hope you have a great rest of the night with the guys and behave yourself😜 ha I love you Dylan again happy 9 months❤️😘💕

Be a best friend, tell the truth
And overuse “I love you”
Go to work, do your best
Don’t outsmart your common sense never let your prayin’ knees get lazy and love like crazy😘❤️

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