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Yesterday was mine and Dylan’s 8th month… And we didn’t get to spend it together and ALOT of things happened but the fact that we pushed through them and showed each other how much we really care and love each other was amazing so sorry this is late, but happy 8th month Bug! 😘 and plenty more to come and thanks for the surprise it was perfect😍😘💕




A man’s chest is a girl’s comfort zone.
It is a warm feeling when a girl is leaning her head through a guy’s chest. It is not just about lust or anything. But, it is way to comfort herself. There’s a sense of security when you just feel the lovely curves in his chest. It’s like listening to his heartbeat and feeling her breath beneath your hair. You’ll talk about happy things and you can fall asleep. It’s one of the best yet simple moments that you can cherish with the person that you love so much.


love this

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Cheerleading isn’t about who looks the cuties in the uniform or who’s hair is the biggest, it’s about the hard work and the satisfactory you get when you finish and the crowd roars

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